Anti-fog Waterproof Window Spray

Glass Anti-fog Rainproof Agent designed for a car vehicle window, windshield, mirrors, motorbike helmets, visors etc. Super high hydrophobic effect and self-cleaning coating, as a coat of the barrier hydrophobic effect, cause water to bead up and roll off the surface, Keep driving safe in bad weather.

  • Simple to operate:  It features an ultra-powerful nozzle and humanized snap switch.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly:  It is pure neutral without any damages to the hand and car.
  • Professional anti-rain cleaner:  Cleans and polishes all glass and windows. Reliably protects glass surfaces from rainy days.
  • Effective and long-lasting:  The superhydrophobic anti-rain agent can keep your sight clear when driving on rainy days, making you safer, stainproof and long-lasting(Can be maintained for up to 30 days).


  1. Clean the glass with water;
  2. Shake well and spray a little and the glass;
  3. Apply evenly by a towel;
  4. Wait for dryness.


  • Capacity: 50ml.
  • Product material: Liquid.
  • Product Features: Anti-fog Agent.
  • Form: Colorless and odorless liquid.
  • Material: Polysiloxane and other Nanomaterials.


  • 1 x Towel.
  • 1 x Glass Anti-fog Rainproof Agent.